Advantages of Industrial Park

Advantages of Industrial Park:


The green site industrial park – situated in the southern part of Szolnok – is connected with an operating industrial zone. The suitable infrastructure network and the significant human resource of Szolnok help the settlements of companies.


In the heart of the Hungarian Great Plain are existing splendid transport conditions, mainly in rail respect because Szolnok has one of the biggest freight railway juntions in Hungary.
Since Year 2007. the Szolnok Inustrial Park and Logistics Service Centre Ltd. has been operating the industrial park and the logistics centre too. In this way they have more efficient cooperation. The existing industrial railway line system guarantees the direct connection between the industrial park and logistics centre.
The building sites, supplied with drinking water-, communal sewage-, and rainwater drainage network, gas supply network, communications grounds works and electric energy network, are waiting for the settler companies in Szolnok. The internal road network makes the road traffic possible inside the industrial park. The suitable public transport helps the traffic of workers from Szolnok and its neighbouring settlements.

Szolnok Industrial Park gives the following advantages for the settler companies:


  • Favourable logistics position
  • Well-developed industry
  • Ordered owned building sites with all public utilities (industrial rail connection and industrial water too)
  • Competitive prices
  • High level and wide-ranging services from the Industrial Park Ltd. before and after the settlement alike
  • Outstanding and efficient local education
  • Well-trained and retrainable human resources
  • Excellent assistances from the Hungarian Government
  • Commercial, bank, educational, research, cultural and sports facilities in Szolnok
  • Szolnok Industrial Park Ltd. helps the enterprises to realize their investments
  • Quick and effective administration of local authority

These advantages are completed with the services of Szolnok Industrial Park Ltd
1. Obligatory services:

Industrial Park Ltd. cleans, mantains and repairs the internal road network, the public lighting system, the public utility areas, the rainwater drainage system and irrigation water storage lake of industrial park. All settler companies need to bear a part of these costs in proportion of the size of their building sites. At present it takes  4 HUF / m2 / month + VAT.

2. Optional services:

Szolnok Industrial Park Ltd. offers a wide rage of services for companies during the investment and opertion period to help their works. The details is introduced in SERVICES menupoint.