Developement Conception

The Szolnok Industrial Park and Logistics Service Centre Ltd. continued the infrastructure development of logistics centre in 2007.
The company marked the development of complex logistics centre network in several development conceptions.

The first phase of infrastructure development was the renovation of operations block, and the building of traditional and optical telecommunication system
In the office block 12 pieces office ( with 430 m2 floor space ) has become for rent for the settler companies.
In the second phase of development will realize a porter’s dispatcher building, in which you will find the central security system, the dispatcher service, the personal and cargo traffic control, the eating-place, the baths and dressing-rooms.
In the second and third phase of development will be built two high store-houses ( with 12.200 m2 floor space ), in the fourth phase will be realized the construction of a 340 m long loading platform.

In case of further store-demand the third phase includes the construction of an other store-house ( with 12.500 m2 floor space ).

The other location of complex logistics services is the Szolnok Industrial Park, where will be built a business and innovation centre and a railway loading area too.
Further aim is to build a direct road connection between the Industrial Park and the Main Road No.4.

The first phase:

The second phase:

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The third phase:

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