Education, vocational training

In the vocational training system of Szolnok based on its traffic junction role with a view to its railway traffic the training of locksmiths, turners, welders working according to a manufacturing process,qualified welders, railway vehicle mechanics still has a very important role.The expansion of multinational companies in the country and the powerful realisation of the international requirements determines a stronger and stronger expectation not only of the provision of qualified labour force but of labour training, retraining and continuous highly qualified labour supply.

As a result of the several-decade-long successful activity of the secondary educational institutions under the supervision of the Local Government of the County Rank Town of Szolnok, Szolnok plays a significant educational role in the region, and besides the preparation of secondary grammar schools for school-leaving examinations and higher education it has a continuous full-time educational and adult educational offer in the vocational training of machine industry, building industry, light industry, information technology, enterprise, commerce and catering trade.
The continuous extensive and quality improvement has always been typical of the state education and vocational education system with its long traditions. Both the secondary grammar schools and the secondary vocational schools have a high standard and are popular among the secondary school age group of the county.

The biggest share in the vocational education profile of Szolnok is represented by the technology field. On the level of training schools there is education in the trade fields of electronics-electronic technology, machinery, traffic, protection of the environment-water management, light industry, building industry and wood industry in 3 training institutions, and on the vocational level beyond the above-mentioned in the fields of information technology and chemical industry.

The economics-service trade fields are also popular. On the vocational level all trade fields of the area of speciality is educated in 2 vocational schools: commerce-marketing and business administration, catering, trade-foreign tourism, economics, business administration. The training level of the area of speciality is provided by one institution in the trade field of commerce-marketing, business administration and catering trade-foreign tourism.
In the area of speciality of humanities 2 institutions offer an output in the trade fields of health care and other services on the training and vocational levels.

The 4 vocational schools of Szolnok provide the highest vocational preparation of master training and master examinations.
The condition of good quality education is that the venue of training is technically well equipped and that qualified experts deal with the students. In the school training workshops the basic education and the training education is carried out on the highest professional level, the training workshops are modern and well-equipped, the tangible and personal conditions are provided on a high level. Beyond this the participation of enterprises and economic organisations is also considered to be very important in the field of student training and labour supply.
Our training institutions join the vocational adult education out of the school system on behalf of both the vocational education and the labour market with a permanent high quality, with which they can flexibly meet market demands that are less possible to undertake in their school system education.