The location of the Szolnok Logistics Service Centre:

Resulting from its central location Jász-Nagykun-Szolnok County is traversed by important transit routes connecting the eastern and western part of the country and also establishing contact to her eastern borders.
The position of the City of Szolnok, a county seat – lying in the relative geographic centre of Eastern Hungary – her fundamental economic and infrastructural characteristics as well as her natural endowments provide adequate conditions to accommodate a significant logistics service centre supplying the region but also aspiring for an international role.
Szolnok is one of those rare settlements where the four fundamental types of transport are linked. The given exceptional endowments provide an opportunity for the start of a significant development process in the region with a more efficient utilization of the existing infrastructure.
Szolnok and its conurbation is in an exceptional position considering the number of trade channels and the aspects of transport logistics. The four most commonly used trade channels (road, rail, air and water transport) are found in the region, furthermore, they meet within the administrative boundaries of Szolnok creating an excellent site for a logistics service centre.



Site features

The triangle-shaped territory of Szolnok Logistics Service Centre is 80.323 m2, which reaches 103.781 m2 with the neighbouring territories – owned by MÁV ZRt.
The neighbouring 25.000-30.000 m2 areas give further development possibility for the centre.



Szolnok Logistics Service Centre, already equipped with the fundamental infrastructure is located on the western flank of the city, north-west of the railway terminal, behind the TESCO hypermarket, at the end of Téglagyári Road.
Its accessibility by road is excellent from every direction. By its position it is ideally suited to the erection of warehouses serving daily deliveries, supplying city logistics and the factories settled in the city’s industrial park to which it is connected by road and rail alike.

Road connection::

  • Road No.32. – through Nagysándor József Road, at the end of Téglagyári Road

Rail connection::

  • Through the rail-tracks of Szolnok Marshalling Yard