Szolnok Industrial Park enjoys an outstanding logistics position in eastern-western trade, especially concerning great volume goods export destined for Central-Eastern Europe. The four most commonly used transportation channels can be found in Szolnok:


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szolnok_kozuton_2011(1)Motorway M3 and Main Road No.4. connect Szolnok with Budapest in the eastern-western direction of the country. These roads are the major transport routes to the countries of Former Soviet Union too, while Motorway M5 carries most of the truck traffic towards the countries of Balkans.
Access to Europen Union markets is also ensured through Budapest as a major traffic junction.
Motorway M4 stretching from Budapest and Szolnok and continuing as a motor road, with the possibility of turning it into a motorway, up to the Hungarian-Romanian border is expected to be completed until 2013 according to the public road development concept of the Ministry of Economy & Transport.
Motorways M4 and M8 ( this latter motorway will lead between Rábafüzes and Szolnok ) will meet in Szolnok, so the western-eastern connection will be ensured in the axle of the country

Rail connection:

image006The Budapest-Szolnok railway main line runs towards Ukraine and Russia ( via Debrecen and Záhony ), and towards Romania ( via Oradia ).
National and international railway lines running from North to South and from East to West meet in Szolnok, by one of the largest passenger and freight railway junctions in Central-Eastern Europe.
Next to the border of Szolnok Industrial Park run a public railway line and an industrial railway line system, which connect the freight railway station and the Logistics Service Centre with the Industrial Park. ( Logistics Service Centre is owned by Szolnok Industrial Park Ltd. and today it is operating like one of the biggest container terminals in the region. )

River connection:


The III. class waterway on river Tisza provides the opportunity for the river transport of 650-1000 ton ships. The river transport is influenced by water-level of the river.

Air connection:

Szolnok has two airports. The 200 ha grass airport is suitable for the reception of small airplanes. The military airbase ( operated by the Hungarian Army ) is scheduled to be operated jointly for civil and military purposes too. It will provide an opportunity for air transport.

Public transport:

image010The Industrial Park is easy of access by public transport from all parts of Szolnok and from its agglomeration. From the town and the neighbouring settlements ( 50 kms district of Szolnok ) start the bus lines in every 30 minute, follow the beginnings and the ends of shifts.