Logistic Centre

The development conception of the hungarian logistics network was started in 1993. In this conception Szolnok had already played an important role as the logistics supplier of the Central-Great Plain district. Within this logistics program the development conception of Szolnok Logistics Centre started in 1994. The self-government of Szolnok and Szolnok County, the Hungarian State Railways, the MASPED and the ATI DEPO established the LOGISZOL Ltd. to coordinate the works. Under the direction of the company, the development plans of the logistics centre connected to the Szolnok Container Railway Junction were prepared in 1998. The development project plan of logistics centre was ready in 2004. That year the self-government of Szolnok won PHARE support to realize the project plans and the implementation of the development of logistics centre was started, this first phase was completed in 2006. The owners liquidated the LOGISZOL Ltd, because it had completed it’s tasks.

Since 1. April 2007. the Szolnok Industrial Park and Logistics Service Centre has been operating the logistics centre.