Our prices

Settlement opportunities:

  • Purchase of building sites
  • Long term rental of building sites ( min. 10 years )


  • Building site with public utilites for sale: 6.000 HUF / m2 + VAT
  • Building site with public utilities for rent: 600 HUF / m2 / year + VAT ( min. 10 years )


Industrial Park Ltd. can provide the connection possibility to public utilities outside the building site, 2-20 metres from the borderline.
The cost of the connection fee to the public utilities is charged by settler companies.

Joint cost:

  • Industrial Park Ltd. operates, cleans, mantains and repairs the internal road network, the public lighting system, the public utility areas, the rainwater drainage system and irrigation water storage lake of industrial park. All settler companies need to bear a part of these costs in proportion of the size of their building sites.

              At present this cost is: 5 HUF / m2 / month + VAT.