Services of Logistic Centre

Services of Szolnok Logistics Centre


The exact conditions of services in connection with public utilities and logistics activities are found in the agreement concluded by logistics supplier and logistics centre.

A. In the office block and common areas

1. Office rental,
2. Council room and kitchenette usage,
3. Common rooms usage (corridors, lavatories),
4. Electric energy consumption,
5. Telephone, internet service,
6. Central heating,
7. Drinking water-sewage water costs,
8. Office block and offices clenaing,
9. Garbage handling,
10. Landscaping,
11. Roads cleaning,
12. Security service,
13. Fire service,
14. Property insurance

B. In the storage areas

1. Material-goods storage
2. Vehicle storage

The costs of services depend on the size of leased territory, the number of workers and the consumptions of public utilities.