Szolnok Industrial Park Ltd. offers a wide range of services for the investors before and after settlement:

1. Obligatory services:

Industrial Park Ltd. cleans, mantains and repairs the internal road network, the public lighting system, the public utility areas, the rainwater drainage system and irrigation water storage lake of industrial park. All settler companies need to bear a part of these costs in proportion of the size of their building sites. At present it takes 5 HUF / m2 / month + VAT.

2. Optional services:

The companies may require the following services:


  • Assistance in technical issues: planning, construction, technical supervision of construction, infrastructural supply, etc.
  • Establishing contacts to local authorities and companies
  • Bookkeeping, administration
  • Marketing services
  • Organisation of suppliers
  • Translation, interpretion
  • Labour force transmission
  • Letting of offices
  • Financial services ( debt-counselling, tax-counselling )
  • Security service
  • Logistics services ( storage, transportation )
  • Customs services